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Map Tunisia Desert

Both the sahara desert and atlas mountains played a large role in ancients times with the famous city of carthage and then as a roman province of africa. It takes about 30 of the area of africa and is the largest on earth. Tunisia Sahara Overland One of the most famous and mysterious places in tunisia is without a doubt the sahara desert. Map tunisia desert . When you ride a camel through the desert you will be surrounded by an incredibly good feeling that you will not forget for a long time. Geographically tunisia contains the eastern end of the atlas mountains and the northern reaches of the sahara desert. Tunisias name is derived from its capital city tunis berber native name. It is important as a winter sanctuary for such birds as the greylag goose coot and wigeon. Filling nearly all of northern africa it measures approximately 3000 miles 4800 km from east to west and between 800 to 1200 miles from north to south and has