Syrian Civil War Children

Tens of thousands of innocent children have been killed or injured in the nearly nine year conflict. Alazm alsory is an ongoing armed conflict in syria.

Unicef Report Into Syrian Civil War Business Insider

Children are suffering in the latest escalation in the nine year syrian civil war as civilians face a bleak choice leave for a life of misery in overcrowded makeshift camps or die.

Syrian civil war children. The continuing crisis in syria has left over 470000 people dead syrian center for policy research 2016 including over 12000 children and over 76 million internally displaced. Since conflict erupted in syria in 2011 the children of syria have been living under the constant threat of violence deprivation and extreme emotional duress. According to unicef the un agency for children an estimated 37 million syrian children have been born since an uprising against president bashar assad erupted in 2011 and escalated into a civil.

Every syrian child has been impacted by the violence displacement severed family ties and lack of access to vital services. In 2019 there were 145 attacks on schools and more than 80 on hospitals and medical staff. Syrian civil war facts for kids kids encyclopedia facts the syrian civil war also known as the syrian uprising or syrian crisis arabic.

This has had a huge psychological impact on children. The war in syria has hit hardest those who are least responsible children. Those children who have survived are experiencing chronic stress due to violence loss and instability.

Many remember nothing before the brutal conflict which is leaving invisible scars on those fleeing fighting bombardment and the atrocities committed by isis. Before the start of the civil war in march 2011 syria was a middle income country that was able to adequately provide for its people. As the syrian civil war enters its sixth year of bloodshed thousands of children are losing their parents their education and their homes.

After nearly nine years of conflict the syrian crisis continues to have a huge impact on children inside syria across the region and beyond.

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